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Welcome to ATTAK – the creative studio of Casper Herselman. Established in 2004 and based in ’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. We deliver uncommon and bespoke graphic productions to better the clients needs.

Working with clients who want to stand out and are willing to push boundaries we believe in adding something unique to the world. By not following trends we rather create something special that attracts the eye and touches the mind. In this way clients and their brands get to flourish.

Our work is idea driven and based on subculture ethics. It has strong roots in traditional print and crafts like screen printing, but nevertheless embraces new technology. We think it’s important to have a strong well crafted foundation to deliver attractive work that explores visual borders.

The studio works like a hub. It’s a place where people gather, share, work and deliver an unique approach for each project.

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ATTAK – Services

The studio work spans a wide spectrum of disciplines:
graphic design, illustration, collages, typographic design and art.

We question everything. We think.
We search. We destroy. 

We create new vocabularies that fit the bigger pictures and are long lasting.

We create
Festival Identities
Brand Identities

Casper Herselman

Casper Herselman