AT Famous

In 1999, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker set out to create a brand that embraced the California lifestyle and was a reflection of his personal passions. Since its inception Famous has created an international lifestyle of its own, one that dares to be different and welcomes all those who live their lives with passion.

With music at its core, Famous has drawn inspiration from car and tattoo culture to create a brand that speaks to the music and art enthusiast in all of us.


Together with Dutch master of calligraphy Hans Schuttenbeld we designed the font AT Famous exclusively for Famous Stars and Straps. We wanted to combine the bold and clear characteristics of a sans serif like Futura Bold with the lush, hand made and more aggressive characteristics of a black letter.

Doing so we kept the legibility in mind and tried to make a black letter that would be solid, bold and aggressive–but would be legible at any size.

Combining the solid features of a sans serif with the lush elements of a black letter resulted in the font AT Famous. The font was hand drawn and digitized afterwards.

Design: ATTAK (Casper Herselman) & Hans Schuttenbeld.
Coding: Hanneke Gerritsen