AT Violent Youth

The font was initially designed as AT Black Rain in 2017. The character set was slightly updated in 2019 and re-released as AT Violent Youth–a blackletter for dark contemporary use.

The font AT Violent Youth was designed over the course of 6 months by Daan Jesper Kars and Attak. Its distinctive glyphs are designed with the most suitable curves and shapes. To extend display qualities the AT Violent Youth features 65 ligatures. The remarkable shapes result in a razor sharp typographic palette combining the dark ages with brighter modern times.

A lush specimen –printed in silver and black on heavy matte black stock in very limited quantities– is designed to show the font in use and zooms in on its specific features and unmistakable characteristics. (SOLD OUT)

The desktop font is encoded in the OpenType format and web fonts come in all needed formats. Published in the buyer-centered pay what you want form, AT Violent Youth is available for anyone. Download or  buy here.